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Jill and Jack

The Umbrella Girls - The Travelling Library


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The Umbrella Girls - The Travelling Library


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Alison Nancye & Pippy Pomeranz

ANIKA is an eight-year-old girl wise beyond her years. She dreams of reading books and travelling the world. The only problem is, Anika has never been to school and her family is very poor. Until one day when The Travelling Library comes to visit, everything she has ever dreamed of might come true.

Will Anika be given the opportunity to finally go to school so when she grows up so she can travel the world and help kids learn, or will she have to remain in her tony village weaving baskets like all the women in her family have always done?

Book 4 of 8 in The Umbrella Girls First Series.

Illustrated by Maude Guesne

Story by Alison Nancye

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