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Jill and Jack

The Umbrella Girls - The Talking Shells


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The Umbrella Girls - The Talking Shells


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Alison Nancye & Pippy Pomeranz


PIA is a really cool surfer, who at the age of nine dreams of being selected for Chile's pro junior surfing team. She is real activist when it comes to the environment and stuff. The kids in her class think she is awesome at all her super surfing moves and really brave to go out into the gigantic ocean waves.

But she has a secret that none of the kids know about. Pia is REALLY afraid of the dark and HATES going to sleep at night. Will Pia overcome her fear of the dark? Or will her fears hold her back from her dreams?


Book 3 of 8 in The Umbrella Girls First Series.

Story by Alison Nancye

Illustrated by Maude Guesne

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