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Jill and Jack

The Umbrella Girls - A Bump in Paradise


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The Umbrella Girls - A Bump in Paradise


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Alison Nancye & Pippy Pomeranz


ZOE is a happy, inquisitive eight-year-old girl who lives in France.

She lives above her parents' florist shop in the heart of Paris. But when they announce a new baby will be joining the family, Zoe's perfect world comes crashing down. Zoe decides that she must take matters into her own hands so sets about a journey as a reporter to learn for herself just what it will really be like to be a big sister.


Will Zoe discover that being open to change will make her life even better? Or will she be set in her ways and want everything to stay the same?


Book 2 of 8 in The Umbrella Girls First Series.

Story by Pippy Pomeranz

Illustrated by Maude Guesne

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